Saturday, February 21, 2015

Keeping track of notes - notepad on steroids

You may like Zimwiki .

It's a wiki based program that's bare bones, but has the basics: font format, headers, bullet lists, number lists, to do boxes.

Files are just text files stored in the hierarchy of the tree.

It can export to html. It has some LaTeX templates too.
And it has some decent plugins: spell check, math formula, etc.

You can have your tree saved to a Dropbox and just point Zim to that notebook so everything syncs. If you don't have the program on a computer, then you can just open the text file of what you want to edit and do it that way. 
You can also use - a git repo with bitbucket. Just do a git init on the note folder. 
Bitbucket has private repos and you get the added feature of a version control system. Neat.
PS - its a great program and it's one guy and a few volunteers. I donate when I can because I really rely on this program.

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