Friday, April 11, 2014

Linux 25 - Linux Desktop 03

Software alternatives

Okular is by far the only one that has the features I was looking for. Annotation in particular. However if you want to save the annotations then you need to save a .okular file.
Windows Fonts:
Some webpages will look better if we install the ttf-mscorefonts package. Extra fonts that may be needed are helvetica nueue, lucida grande, segoe ui regular
Shutter is a nice piece of software that auto-saves your screenshots from pages, or secotions of your screen. Has a built-in editor too.
Torrent client
qBittorrent is my choice for now since it's more utorrent-like, deluge is good also. If you preffer a very minimalist client then transmission would do nicely
Archive Management:
Xarchiver - 
Audio Player
Clementine is very good but you can also run Winamp via Wine
Video Player:
VLC, or mplayer
Iceweasel - It's FirefoxESR - Debian was initially given permission to use the trademarks, and adopted the Firefox name.However, because the artwork in Firefox had a proprietary copyright license which was not compatible with the Debian Free Software Guidelines, the substituted logo had to remain
Chromium - Chromium is the open source web browser project from which Google Chrome draws its source code.The browsers share the majority of code and features, though there are some minor differences in features and they have different licensing.
Email Client
Icedove - It's Thunderbird 
LibreOffice is a free and open source office suite, developed by The Document Foundation. It was forked from in 2010. The LibreOffice suite comprises programs to do word processing, spreadsheets, slideshows, diagrams and drawings, maintain databases, and compose math formulae.

 Scientific calculator:
 MassDownload Tool
 IM Client:
HexChat for IRC
 Remote Desktop/Connections Manager
Remina, TeamViewer, PAC
 Text Editor:
Sublime, MousePad
Network Tools:
tcpdump, wireshark, netcat
Image Viewer
ristretto image viewer is ok

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