Saturday, September 01, 2012

Linux 20 - Manage Disk Quotas

–set up quotas on disk\
–edit settings
–check quotas
–generate reports
–hard limits, soft limits


a proportional part or share of a fixed total amount or quantity.


- by default it may not be installed

- only works on an entire devices

- the /home directory can be on a NFS share or a separate HDD as this is the most often used location

editing /etc/fstab

options must be added in order for quota to function properly

/dev/sdb1/ mnt/hard_drive ext3 defaults,usrquota,grpquota 0 2
usrquota for users
grpquota for groups

once added we can

create quota files


the important command here is quotacheck -cug. cug stands for create, user, group on this device

Once created we can then edit quotas for different users

edquota ( edit user quotas )

edquota -u user



  • filesystem
    • device
  • blocks
    • 1 block = 1 k
  • soft
    • soft limit (lower threshold) has a time limit of 7 days
    • if data goes over soft a user will receive an email as he breached
  • hard
    • limit that will not be posible to pass
  • inodes
    • how many files should a user have opened
  • soft
    • soft limit
  • hard
    • hard limit for inodes

adding a limit


activate quota limits



quota stats

repquota /dev/sdb1



edit quota for groups

edquota -g <group_name>



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